Private Accommodation

Many people choose to stay in private accommodation, especially along the Croatian coast. Staying in private accommodation is a uniquely Croatian experience and it provides excellent value for money. Much of the private accommodation in Croatia is really small inns and guesthouses although sometimes you'll be sharing the house, or even the apartment with the owner.

Staying in private accommodation is a popular option along the Croatian coast. The value for money is excellent and you have the choice of a room or an apartment which can be a great deal for families and small groups. Many families along the coast have been welcoming guests for decades and offer home cooking and special private excursions. There is much less private accommodation available in cities like Zagreb and what is available tends to be more expensive and further from the centre.

Why book your Croatian accommodation online?

In high summer season in popular destinations such as Dubrovnik or Hvar Island, it's highly advisable to reserve in advance as there will be little available on-site. If you show up without a reservation you'll have to take whatever turns up which may be poorly located.

While Croatian hotels may take a reservation based upon a credit card deposit, this is not an option for private accommodation in Croatia. Particularly in high season, owners of private accommodation usually insist upon receiving a cash deposit to hold a reservation. A SWIFT bank transfer is a common option but bank charges can run up to $30 per transfer!

It's easiest and most reliable to book your Croatian private accommodation online so you can pay by credit card. The following recommended agencies are known to be reliable and have the largest selection of rooms and apartments:

What to expect from private accommodation

Private rooms and apartments in Croatia are rated according to a star system, similar to hotels. The most expensive private accommodation is rated three-star and it includes a private bathroom. In a two star rooms the bathroom is shared with one other room and in a one-star, you'll share with the owner or several other rooms.

Finding Private Accommodation On the Spot

One way to find accommodation in Croatia is to just show up! In most Croatian coastal cities, women (and sometimes men) offering sobe (rooms) meet incoming buses, trains and boats. You may be able to get a good deal but sometimes a language barrier makes it difficult to know just what is being offered where and at what price.

If you do book private accommodation on site here are some tips:

There are also booking agencies on-site that arrange for your accommodation. Naturally, they tack on a surcharge and they are also likely to require a four-night stay.

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